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Pimax 3D Gold Metal Detector

Description :

Pimax 3 pro pulse gold metal detector.
Pimax 3 Pro is a PULSE SYSTEM metal detector with Android software that can detect metal and void. With advanced Android software and Pulse system technology, it works without any loss of depth on any type of floor.
Everything you need on this device
Pimax 3 Pro is the first and only detector to combine pulse, magnetometer and 3D underground imaging systems with android software support.
Clearance and Metal Detection on the Same Screen

The most important feature that distinguishes the Pimax 3 Pro Metal Detector from the same class of detectors is that it  can  detect metal  and  void at the same time. This system, developed by us and first used in Pimax 2, can detect any kind of void that goes through while metal is being searched. 

Detector Discovered with Android

Pimax 3 Pro offers Pulse Detector and (3D)  3D Underwater Imaging System in  one device thanks to exclusive Android software   . You can manage your detector from your  mobile phone or from your tablet device. You  can save your 3D underground views and locations to your  mobile phone .

3D Underground Imaging system

Pimax 3 Pro simultaneously and improved underground imaging system  is segregated  in  two dimensional  or  three dimensional graphics ground  form.
superior sepratation performance
With built-in microprocessors and a special discrimination algorithm, the Pimax 3 Pro is able to distinguish more precisely from the metal, making it clear that their opponents are ahead. Detected metal is   divided into 4 groups as unimportant small metals, gold or the same reactive metals, precious metals and precious metals .

Pimax 3 Pro is also used in the Pimax devices for the first time, and is fully developed by Megatekno Electronics, Triple Bar Bars.

Note: Pimax 3 distinguishes between all titles.

Depth Detection
Pimax 3 Pro calculates the depth of the detected metal and writes it in cm on the screen.
Wireless Connection

The tablet PC and base unit that connect wirelessly with Bluetooth technology provide up to 10 meters of operation
Light weight and durable

Pimax 3 detector  is designed for all types of terrain.

**  Telescopic coil transport arm entirely  made of carbon fiber ,

** Rugged and lightweight  aluminum base unit

**  Base unit lightened using long-life  lithium-ion batteries


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