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Pimax 2 Gold metal detector

Description :

With the Ground Analysis Mode, we brought a new dimension to the

pulse system deep search detectors.

The most important feature that distinguishes the Pimax 2 Metal Detector

from the same class of detectors is that it  can  detect metal  and  void at the same time.

This system, developed by us and first used in Pimax 2, can detect any kind of void that goes through while metal is being searched.  Simultaneous 2D graphics are drawn on the screen in the Floor Analysis Mode. With the resulting graphics, metal detection, metal separation and gap detection are performed visually. Pimax 2 is the first and only treasure detector that these 3 processes are made at the same time  .


With a microprocessor and special discrimination

algorithm, Pimax 2 is able to distinguish more precisely

metal, and is able to get ahead of the competition clearly.

Detected metal is   divided into 4 groups as unimportant

small metals, gold or the same reactive metals, precious

metals and precious metals .

WE combined our field experience with the depth

advantage of the pulse system

Thanks to our continuous R & D work and our natural


experiments, we were able to raise the depth of the slope.

improvements we make based on the Pulse principle

that Pimax 2 is also at the forefront of deep metal



We paid great attention to the fact that the detector, one

of the biggest problems of detector users, was not stable

(not stable). Pimax 2 is stable due to its special software, 

it does not give unnecessary signal even in mineral and

salty soil   and does not waste digging

Lightweight and Durable

Pimax 2 detector  was designed with all-terrain conditions.

**  Telescopic coil transport arm entirely  made of carbon fiber ,

** Dust and water  resistant front panel

*  Base unit lightened using long-life  lithium-ion batteries


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