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KS-700 GPR

Description :

Professional Grounding Radar

THE KS-700 DOES NOT NEED DIFFERENT ANTENNAS. The KS700 has been developed for cavity detection. It is a ground radar and works on the principle "FMCW radar". 

The ground radar locates from 0-40 m in the solid rock body. We have located in limestone to 60 m tunnel from the 2nd World War ,but it must be remembered that these tunnels have a size of about 5 m wide and about 7 m in height.


Portable ground radar,2D analysis on site,3D analysis on site,Simple control Battery operated USB interface Ready for use at any temperature Up to 40m deep location


Use in archaeology with metal location,Investigation of contaminated sites Underground sounding for construction projects - especially  for cables, pipe probing and manholes Exclusion of danger in case of mining damage and earth falls Localization of old underground rooms,  tunnels, old corridors and much more THE BODENRADAR KS700 IS  


1. Electronic control unit 2. permanently mounted antenna shielded in all directions

Power supply 12V / 18Ah Visualization of data 2D and 3D software

Operator's Manual,Operator video completely


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