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DEEPGOLDPRO Gold Metal Detectors Price 110000rs

The DeepGoldDetector Special made for who searching too deep.Which we are used it is Latest Micro Technologies.With this DeepGoldPro you will get before only Size and Shape And Depth of metal.World Latest Technology DeepGoldPro Gives You Completely New Experience.From individual targets to deeply buried treasure caches, Deepgoldpro can locate treasures beyond the reach of most ordinary detectors. The DeepGoldpro is designed to locate deeply buried Gold and precious metals.Powerful and deep detection capabilities allow the DeepGoldPro to easily detect targets even in the most mineralized ground conditions. Now you can locate those precious metals that others have missed! Unique to the DeepGoldPro is the capability to provide easy working conditions in highly mineralized environments. Locate targets underneath stones that contain metal. The revolutionary DeepGoldPro performs searches deeper than other systems produced for locating single coins. DeepGoldpro will locate precious metals with perfect accuracy. DeepGoldPro indicates Metal detection on The Screen Shows Which Metal it is And How much depth it is Burred. It will also produce unique audio tonesThat to Different Tones Like gold,silver,copper When Professional can Catch. When DeepGoldPro detects a metal, it gives an audio signal and the METAL. The response is based on the signal power of the target. An audio signal is also produced. DeepGoldPro performs metal discrimination and analysis through the scanning key.With our strong micro process you will define which metal it is that depends up on the purity.

11 DD elliptical coil. With the large General Search Coil Antenna is 15 inch coil , you can achieve perfect results for both shallow and deep target searches. The General Search Coil Antenna detects precious metals substantial depth. Experience the excitement of discovering treasures at depths that have never been reached before


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